10th European Music Analysis Conference

Moscow, September 20-25, 2021

X Европейский Конгресс по музыкальному анализу

Keynote speakers

Keynote communications:

  • Nicolas Meeùs (Sorbonne University); Belgian society for Music Analysis (SBAM); subject: “Music Notation as Analysis”;
  • Catherine A. Bradley (University of Oslo); British society for Music Analysis (SMA); subject: “Analysing Fragmentary Evidence: Revealing Remnants from a Medieval Motet Book in Stockholm”;
  • Nikša Gligo (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts); Croatian society of Music Theorists (HTGM); subject TBA;
  • John Koslovsky (Conservatorium van Amsterdam); Dutch-Flemish society for Music Theory (VvM); moderator of a round table, subject: “Beethoven 2020: Analytical and Performative Perspectives”;
  • Jean-Marc Chouvel (Sorbonne University); French society for Music Analysis (SFAM); moderator of a round table, subject: “What analysis does to musical works”;
  • Gesina Schröder (Hochschule für Musik und Theater “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy”, Leipzig); German and Austrian society of German-speaking Music Theory (GMTH); subject TBA;
  • Mario Baroni (Università di Bologna); Italian society for Music Analysis and Music Theory (GATM); subject: “Analysis of post-dodecaphonic languages. In memoriam Bruno Maderna”;
  • Marcin Trzęsiok (Katowice Academy of Music); Polish society for Music Analysis (PTAM); subject TBA;
  • Alexander Sokolov (Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory); Russian society for Theory of Music (OTM); subject: “Post-scriptum as a mode of expression of a composer”;
  • Jean-Jacques Nattiez (Université de Montréal, Canada); subject: “Is the unity in musicology possible?”
  • Poundie Burstein (Hunter College and CUNY), Severine Neff (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Pieter van den Toorn (University of California, Santa Barbara), Alexander Rehding (Harvard University) and David W. Bernstein (Mills College); plenary session “North-American Schenkeriana, Schoenbergiana, Stravinskiana, Riemanniana and Cageana”; moderators Michael Beckerman (New York University) and Ildar Khannanov (Peabody Institute, Johns Hopkins University).