X Европейский Конгресс по музыкальному анализу

Москва, 20-25 сентября 2021 г.

10th European Music Analysis Conference

A note to the prospective chairs of the precomposed sessions

Once you have reached the submission page of the EasyChair, you will see the windows and buttons, a) personal information, b) pasting of your abstract and bibliography, c) equipment request, and d) uploading a page in pdf of your musical example.

There is the last button on the submission page, designed for submission of the abstracts for the precomposed sessions. For your convenience, we have included this option on the same page with individual abstract submission. Thus, if you wish to present the individual paper and the abstract for the precomposed session that you would like to chair, please paste your individual abstract and upload a pdf file with the abstract for the precomposed session. If you wish to present one of two, leave empty another (window or button)

This abstract should be structured similarly with the individual abstract (see our Suggestion to the Authors on writing the abstracts). Under the title, please, do not forget to include the genre: abstract for the precomposed session. Neither yours, nor the names of four participants should be mentioned. However, it is advisable to mention the titles of the papers, perhaps, in abridged form. These abstracts will be given to independent reviewers, but the final decision will be made by The Organizing Committee.