X Европейский Конгресс по музыкальному анализу

Москва, 20-25 сентября 2021 г.

10th European Music Analysis Conference


Suggestions for the Authors on writing the abstract

Ildar Khannanov

No name should be on the abstract! Upon receiving your submission in two parts (the abstract in pdf and a file with personal information), the Secretary will assign the abstract a random number and the abstracts will be sent to the readers with the numbers instead of names.

Title (maximum 9 substantial words)

Introduction (One to two sentences; dates of birth, general description of biography, time, style, context, etc.)

Topic sentence (One sentence; definition of the subject of the paper, its main idea)

Elaboration and argumentation (Four to ten sentences; details of the subject, musical example may be included, as well as highlighting of existent literature with abridged quotations, such as (Caplin, 1997) or even “as mentioned by Caplin”): the elaboration should contain two subsections, pro et contra of the main subject (refutatio—confutatio), your argument and possible counterargument. The comparison of your argument with possible counterarguments should lead, logically, to the confirmation of your main subject.

Confirmation (Two to five sentences; confirmation of the validity of research and the significance of the findings)

Closing (One to two sentences; remarks of the prospects of study and rhetorical ending of the abstract)

Abstracts should not exceed 500 words and should have not more than one page of musical-analytical examples. The Title of the abstract is included into wordcount.