10th European Music Analysis Conference

Moscow, September 20-24, 2021

X Европейский Конгресс по музыкальному анализу

For offline users: 

All Common meetings will be in Conference Hall (Rachmaninovsky building, 1st floor). 

Section meetings will be in different rooms, some in Malyi zal building, some in Rachmaninovsky building. Please see scheduler for updates. 

Scheduler is updated here: 
or here 

If you take part in conference as a speaker and there are some files you wish to share during presentation, please send those files to us before you attend conference. All files must have appropriate names in Latin characters: section number_your name_your file number, for example: 12_Ivan_Ivanov_1 , next file 12_Ivan_Ivanov_2 etc.. 

Please send us files till 18.09.2021  

both to otmroo@mail.ru    and  helly_lee@mail.ru   

If by the time of your presentation, necessary files are not available, sharing those files will not be possible. Please keep this in mind. This is because there are too many participants and we simply will not have time to copy and check your files during live meetings. 

If you are online users and you need a help with showing of your examples for your speech, please also send us required files and we can help you to show your files on screen during the session.

125009 Russia, Moscow, Bolshaya Nikitskaya 13/6